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Happy New Year!!

The Hot Springs Music Festival is ready for 2022!


After a successful online program in 2021 which connected world-class mentors with students from across the country, we are gearing up for a 2022 season LIVE and IN PERSON! This year will feature performances from our mentors in multiple new venues. After being absent from Hot Springs for two seasons, our performers will be making dynamic efforts to re-engage with the community, and forging new relationships to take the storied festival into 2023 and beyond. 



Although COVID has brought many challenges to all arts organizations, the Hot Springs Music Festival is committed to moving forward while carrying on the tradition of providing first-rate concerts to the community and providing a one-of-a-kind educational experience to the finest conservatory students from around the world. The educational component of the festival will return in 2023, and in the meantime we look forward to reenforcing personal connections and engaging the community in live performances featuring our amazing mentors.